We are Here to Help

Dearest friends,

We are pleased to share Our Helpers' 2022 Impact Report with you. Thank you to each of you for sharing this impact with us. We pray to continue to serve Central Ohio immigrant and refugee families even better in 2023. If you need us, we are here, helping! If you are interested in serving and volunteering with us, you are welcome. Reach out and we would be happy to talk about how you can get more involved. 

We are here to Help

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Our Helpers is helping you to be ready for the wave of IT jobs coming to Central Ohio. Join us!


Employment Services

Mission: To help all who seek employment. One of Our Helpers primary functions is helping New Americans obtain employment. We accomplish this through helping people search for open jobs, write resumes, practice employment interviews, “dress for success” and teaching language skills. We have built relationships with local businesses to help the employment process go smoothly. We track each client's retention on the job to ensure the proper fit. Anyone is welcome to use our services, there are no requirements in serving everyone.

Our Light Youth Program

Mission: To develop the minds, hearts and lives of those who have become susceptible to Drug Abuse, Gang Life and Radicalization. Purpose: The purpose of this project is to identify the unique struggles facing the Somali Immigrant Youth in terms of drug abuse, violence, extremism, etc. We successfully have created a basketball program that includes workshops on issues the youth face. In its third year, 300 youth have benefitted from this incredible program..

Language Support Services

We envision a city where all individuals and families can communicate their needs and never have to make a choice that may affect their life due to a language barrier. If you would like to get help communicating with Somali, Arabic, or Swahili speaking audiences or a document translated contact us, we will refer you to one of our interpretation service providers.

Meals Provided (produce and groceries)

Families assisted with rent and utilities

Certified Mental Health First Aiders

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If you have any question or need help contact us:   (614) 733- 9555