Our Mission

To help new americans overcome social and economic obstacles through advocacy, education, job placement and to connect them to community resources that are available.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to create long-lasting self sufficiency by improving community cohesion and also remove language/ cultural barriers, We promote the use of technology for learning and for teaching



Our clients come from different countries and speak different languages. We provide culturally sensitive programs to our clients and have two location in north and west side of Columbus, Ohio..


Employment Services

Mission: To let skilled new Americans become self sufficient and productive citizens of their new country

Purpose: This program is meant for skilled immigrants and new Americans who immigrated into the United States but don’t speak English. The purpose is to provide an avenue for them to use their skills into creating a project that can be showcased to the community and the world.

We believe that immigrants from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, ethnicity’s, etc.., have a lot to offer and their limited English proficiency shouldn’t be a barrier that prevents them from pursuing it nor prevent the marketplace from benefiting from it.

Participants will make their own products for 3 months and their products will be show-cased quarterly whatever comes out of that projects will be invested back to the project to reach its vision.

Our Light Youth Program

Mission: To reconstruct and develop the minds, hearts and lives of those who have become susceptible to Drug Abuse, Gang Life and Radicalization.

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to identify the unique struggles facing The Somali Immigrant Youth in terms of drug abuse, violence, extremism, etc.

Language Support Services

We envision a city where all individuals and families can communicate their needs and never have to make a choice that may affect their live because of a language.

If you would like to get help communicating with Somali audiences or a document translated contact us, we will refer you to one of our interpretation service providers.

If you have any question or need help contact us:   (614) 733- 9555