Youth Development

The Our Light Program is in its third year of providing quality competitive basketball, health, wellness, and career readiness workshops and guidance from local spiritual and community leaders. This combination helps to keep these young men off the streets and focused on positive decision-making in their lives. This year we engaged 80 participants ages 17-22 for 16 weeks. Unfortunately, there was a surge of the Delta variant of COVID-19 at the time, so we limited the number of spectators and staff on the 

court. Workshops which in the past were in person were now on Zoom. The focus of these workshops shifted to the immediate needs of the youth career readiness, COVID 19 awareness, and safety. Every year the youth complete a survey at the end of the season, evaluating the program with thoughts and suggestions. This year 98% felt the program was positive, had clear expectations, and would do it again. Big thanks to our partner MYR Athletics and to our sponsors Columbus Department of Development Human services grant, Ismail Law Office and 2021 Investment Group.


17-22 years old Our Light basketball and life skills workshops


80 participants 10 teams


-4 zoom workshops 

-5 youth in IT training as a result of workshops COVID 19 awareness